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Constantinus International Award -


The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI), the global association of national management consulting institutes, has initiated the Constantinus International Award in order to promote excellence in consulting services worldwide.

ICMCI promotes outstanding consulting projects

The dynamic branch of management consulting is an important sparring partner for businesses and entrepreneurs - especially, when precise expertise and efficient implementation of measures are in demand. "Naturally, the quality of the consulting sector relies heavily on the innovative strengths of the consultants themselves. This is why ICMCI has initiated the Constantinus International Award in order to give a prominent stage to all the excellent accomplishments of the branch", states the chairperson of ICMCI.

The international award showcasing excellence in consulting

The primary objective of establishing these awards is the promotion of the consulting sector in general as well as of individual outstanding consulting projects not only nationally, but on a global scale. The Constantinus International Award should also serve as a platform for international cooperation in the field. For the nominees, this award will figure an important tool for strengthening the client-consultant-relationship through the celebration of successful joint endeavours in addition to raising the international recognition of their projects.

timeline of 2024

  • 10.4.-28.6.2024    Submissionphase
  •    8.7.-16.8.2024    Juryphase
  •            9.10.2024    Festive ceremony as part of the Annual Meeting                                                              of ICMCI in Yerevan, Armenia

how to participate

The participating national institutes can nominate up to three projects that they consider worthy of an award. These are primarily the winners of the national consulting awards. For institutes that do not award national consulting prizes, the IT and management consultants can submit their project to their national institute for internal evaluation. The institute then decides whether or not to nominate this project for the international award.

An international jury of experts with representatives from all nations nominates the most outstanding projects, from which two Silver Medals and one Gold Medal are selected. The best-rated project from each participating nation is awarded the title of National Champion.

Evaluation and jury

The jury will be composed out of international experts in the field of management consultancy as well as of prominent representatives of successful businesses. Each participating country has the right to name up to two members for the jury.

evaluation criteria

revenue/profit impact, process improvement, productivity increase, effectiveness of organizational changes

market performance and impact, innovation, development and qualification improvements of the company and its human resources

creativity of solutions and methods, customer satisfaction, satisfaction of participating partners and their employees, quality of documents, change management and project management

price/performance, cost control, speed of execution, long-term effects, replicability, organization and quality of international cooperation

creation and security of jobs, effects on regional and national economy, compliance with development programs

The Constantinus International Award is a worldwide success story

Every year the Constantinus International Award invites consultants from all over the world to submit projects with exceptional customer value.

Even as a very young award, the Constantinus International Award is already a much sought-after decoration for outstanding consulting performances.

"The Constantinus International Award has been established as a showcase for successful projects in Management Consulting worldwide", says Robert Bodenstein, Chairperson of ICMCI.

"It is a perfect platform to demonstrate how the profession contributes to the economy."

why apply for the award? 

there are many reasons! 

be part of it!

Icon Stern
publication on our website
online presence on the official award website and the ICMCI website
Icon Lautsprecher
comprehensive pr activities
  • Striking public and media documentation of the great performance in the sector

  • Presence in the media during the whole procedure - national and international PR activities
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participant and customer benefit

The Constantinus Award increases customer benefit: The winning project puts not only the entrant but also the customer on stage and in the media spotlight.

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Constantinus benetifts
  • Constantinus International nomination is an effective reference for you and your future clients.

  • Give tribute to your client for a successful project, maintain them as repeat clients!
  • Motivate your team and enhance team building by acknowledging their efforts.
Icon Anstecknadel
Opportunities for self-marketing

All national nominees have the right to publicise themselves as e.g. "Constantinus International Award - The ICMCI Consulting Award: Nominee 2024". Being nominated already implies signal recognition and merits publicity in itself

Certified Management Consultant

The Certified Management Consultant designation (CMC®​) is the preeminent professional designation for management consulting with a variety of sub-specialty areas.
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